Do A One-Pot Thanksgiving With This Garlic & Sage Turkey Recipe

Downsizing Thanksgiving this year doesn’t mean skipping the turkey: it might just mean opting for a simple turkey breast instead of the whole bird. And while you can go with roasting, why not use a one-pot approach to the meat and veggie portion of your feast?

With this simple slow-cooker approach from Rustic Farmhouse Slow Cooker by Alli Kelley, your turkey and green beans both cook in the one pot—cutting down on stress and clean up. Not only that, but it needs a bit less attention than a turkey in the oven: though Kelley does recommend basting it occasionally, it’s not quite as essential as in the oven as the slow cook keeps the meat moist.

“First time I made this recipe, my family was very skeptical,” she writes, “They thought that that only good turkey was the one that came out of the oven! They were happily mistaken, though, and this recipe quickly became an often-requested favorite.” If you too look for that golden, slightly crispy, skin and worry the slow cooking method may not provide that, she’s thought of a solution: just a few minutes under the broiler at the end to give it that lovely golden brown color.

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