Customized Genetic Solutions for a Healthy Lifestyle

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Now that the genetic testing industry is some 15-20 years old, the medical profession and wellness industry are much better equipped with precision tools to provide customized treatments and guidance for a variety of conditions and cater to a vast range of customer needs. Among companies that offer this powerful insight into our health and general well-being, there is one that excels in “precision healthcare.” OmeCare, a San Diego, California company, stands out from the ranks of its competitors thanks to its personalized and customized deliverables.   

In a nutshell, here is what makes OmeCare so unique. The traditional and more widely used approach to genetic evaluation is based on analyzing a generic spectrum of markers—the “template.” By contrast, OmeCare uses a more focused approach; it interprets and analyzes 33,000 genetic markers to provide customized and precise recommendations for nutrition, medication, pregnancy planning, nutrigenomics, sports performance, and overall wellness. This is the case of “less is more”: the analysis that the company’s scientists carry out, though it relies on fewer parameters, is more in-depth and more accurate than those conducted by the majority of DNA companies. “DNA testing is now familiar to many but it still overwhelms people with large amounts of unsuitable and unusable health information and advice,” says Michael Druker, Chief Operating Officer. “At a time when millions of people are urgently looking to better understand and safeguard their health, our technology empowers them and their physicians with actionable insights to create personalized strategies that suit their lifestyle, genetics, and ultimately their overall health.” Based on such testing, OmeCare offers “health and wellness management methods and systems useful for the practice thereof” that are protected by a U.S. patent. 

“Out tests are done for wellness, nutrition, fitness, skincare, and macrogenomics, which means that we analyze your body and your genes, and we tell you what will work best for you,” says Dr. Michael Nova— OmeCare’s Chief of Innovations and co-founder. To explain how customized genetic testing works and what stunning results it produces, Dr. Nova uses the analogy of antidepressants that are constantly prescribed and used by patients on a trial and error basis, which proves to be like endlessly groping for the right remedy in uninformed darkness. With OmeCare’s pinpointed genetic testing, this painful and lengthy process can be foregone. Once the company’s lab generates test results, the patient—or rather a client—is provided with a precise road map to a customized fitness regimen, nutrition, skincare, and general well-being based on accurate and unique genetic markers data.  

The company provides DNA testing for both physicians and individuals. In its 12 years, OmeCare has provided over 3,000 physicians and 200,000 individuals with DNA reports. “We are among the few genetic testing companies that have both a consumer line of products and a physician line of products, and we are able to do this because we have our own lab. It is a very sophisticated, high-complexity testing laboratory with the most licenses in every state, including New York,” explains Dr. Nova of the edge OmeCare possesses. Most genetic testing companies outsource testing to third-party labs, while OmeCare does theirs in-house, which makes the company truly unique and its DNA test the most precise, reliable, and actionable in the industry. The lab possesses all requisite accreditations, including one from the College of Pathologists and CLIA (Clinical Laboratories Improvements Amendment). The San Diego laboratory recently launched a partnership with Vivera Pharmaceuticals to offer a rapid COVID-19 diagnostic testing kit. 

OmeCare’s breadwinner is its nutrition test. Some 5-6 years ago there was no data on how our genes interact with food, but in today’s health-conscious climate, such tests have grown in popularity. “Everyone should have a precision nutrition protocol that shows what is best for you from the genetic point of view,” shares Nova of the new-age recipe to physical well-being. By providing invaluable guidance to a healthier lifestyle based on each individual’s unique set of genetic data, OmeCare leads the way in the field of state-of-the-art wellness and health management. 

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