Crunchy Everything-Seasoned Chickpeas To Up Your Snack Game

These immensely snackable little chickpeas from Jessica Seinfeld’s new cookbook Vegan, At Times are flavored with the all-star of many a spice cabinet: everything bagel seasoning. Normally a blend of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, garlic, onion, and sea salt—it’s the thing we sprinkle on avocado toast and add to homemade crackers—and we should be adding it to chickpeas, too.

The key here is adding the seasoning after you pan-cook the chickpeas in a bit of good-quality olive oil, which helps them get that slightly crunchy texture that helps take them from hummus ingredient or salad topping to salty snack. If you add the everything seasoning before, the spices can burn in the oil—and speaking from experience, that’s not pleasant.

Enjoy these on their own, or maybe pop them atop a savory yogurt bowl (like this one!).

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