Constipation Can Trigger Acne According To A Naturopathic Doctor

The most common causes of constipation include lifestyle choices such as a low fiber diet, not enough water, or exercise. But many people with acne also have other factors that affect the mobility of their bowels and can lead to a vicious cycle of constipation and acne.  

Many acne patients have many issues with their gut and motility. In fact, often there are genetic polymorphisms (put very simply: something that’s inherited) in acne patients—which is one of the reasons that acne is often genetic—that can even lead to liver stagnation. This affects bile production, which can inhibit the motility of the large intestine, leading to constipation.

Another overlooked cause of constipation is an imbalanced microbiome, which is very common when acne is present. An overgrowth of certain microbes in the gut can lead to the fermentation of ingested food, which creates gases that inhibit the bowel from moving optimally.  

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