Confront Your Shadow With This Ritual For The New Moon In Scorpio

Each phase of the moon offers a different energetic quality for us to work with. Where full moons represent culmination and release, new moons are all about fresh starts.

We’ve got a new moon coming right up on the night of Saturday, November 14, so we asked astrologist and reiki practitioner Mal Mathurin about her go-to new moon ritual for working with this fresh energy.

Mathurin is quick to note that we can tailor our lunar rituals to the astrological sign that the moon is under that day. “We’re able to interact and really connect with those aspects in our chart,” she tells mbg, “be they dominant, or a part of our chart where we don’t have a lot of energy.”

This weekend’s new moon will be seven degrees in Scorpio. “Seven is a very spiritual number,” Mathurin notes. “It’s a number of internal analysis and deep exploration, which of course is what Scorpio is all about.”

As such, she says this new moon is a good time to connect with the aspects of ourselves that we hide away. Here’s how it’s done:

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