Collagen Supplements Can Support Hair Growth After Shedding

Increased hair shedding can happen naturally (our hair goes through cycles, and sometimes we just shed more than normal for no underlying reason whatsoever), lifestyle reasons (like overprocessing) from stress (stress triggers hair loss—it’s a fairly well-documented fact), nutrition deficiencies, or even underlying health conditions. (For the latter, a visit to your doctor is warranted.) But it can be difficult to tell if you are, in fact, shedding more than normal. So here’s one very quick test from Megan Taylor, stylist at Gloria and Company in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

“A good way to test your shedding, whether it be normal or too much, is to take a small section of clean dry hair and lightly pull down on that section from the mid-lengths to ends of your hair,” says Taylor. “Normally you might notice that none or a strand or two might come out as you pull. If you notice more than a few strands coming out it might be something you want to look into further.”   

If this is you, and you’ve ruled out more serious underlying causes, it might be a signal that you should incorporate a hair supplement into your routine. 

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