Collagen Improves Digestion In Women*

There were two phases to this study. Phase one set out to explore current attitudes and practices among consumers and health care practitioners regarding collagen supplementation for digestive health. 

The results of phase one revealed that consumer awareness about collagen’s use for digestive health was low: Just over 30% of consumers knew that collagen has gut health relevance and could potentially aid in digestion.* 

Phase two is where things got interesting: This phase began with two weeks of baseline testing, measuring digestion status, stool health (yes, bowel movements tell us a ton about our health), and participants’ lifestyles before taking collagen. After the baseline was solidified, participants (consisting of 40 healthy women) consumed 20 grams of bovine collagen peptides each day, split across two servings. The results? After eight weeks of collagen supplementation, 93% (13 out of 14 women) of those who completed the study experienced noteworthy improvements in digestion, including bloating and abdominal comfort.* 

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