Choose the Right Pain

distressPeople oftentimes think the best workouts cause the most soreness and pain.

Or, the most effective diets bring about the most discomfort and misery.

Why do we believe better health requires constant suffering?

Change can be associated with pain, but it’s not measured in soreness or restriction.

Some workouts will make you hurt. Some diets will make you hungry. But, these adjustments should be — for the most part — temporary.

When you start from scratch, begin a new plan, or have taken time off, almost anything you do can create friction or discomfort. And that’s OK.

Growth is a byproduct of adaptation. You are built to adapt, learn, improve, and become more efficient. It’s a part of evolution.

But, when you evolve, the hard becomes familiar. It’s how you survive and thrive.

If you live in the darkness, turning on a light is painful.

But, that doesn’t mean you’re meant to stay in the darkness.

Once you’re in the light enough, the brightness is a welcome relief — not a harsh reaction.

The pain you want comes in the form of awareness.

When you’re on the right path, you see clearly — and that can sting.

When you’re on the right path, you see clearly — and that can sting.

You recognize the bad habits you formed, the health you neglected, or the time that passed without taking action.

Once you adapt to change — like living in the light — the pain will go away. Your awareness soothes.

Good change reduces pain.

Bad change keeps you in it.

If everything you do causes pain, then you haven’t found the light. You’re actually crawling deeper into the dark.

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