Can You Sweat Out A Cold? Here’s The Truth, According To Doctors

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. While going for a jog or sitting in a sauna may offer temporarily relief from congestion, they cannot shorten the duration of your cold. According to family medicine physician David Cutler, M.D., sweating out a cold is simply a myth. No matter how much you run, jump, and perspire, a typical cold will last anywhere from seven to ten days.

Austin-based holistic doctor, Elena Villaneuva, D.C. says the body’s natural way of “sweating out a cold” actually occurs when the you develop a fever. She says as the body temperature rises, the virus is killed off.

“Your body’s immune system will recognize the cold virus as foreign and launch an immune attack,” says Cutler. He continues that mild fever, production of mucous, and fatigue are all signs that your immune system is hard at work.

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