Can You Store Avocados In Water To Keep Them Fresh? We Tried It

Since the mbg team is lucky enough to work from home during the pandemic, I’ve been upping the ante on my midday meals. Avocados are a constant feature in my kitchen, making appearances on my plate for everything from guacamole to dessert (yep, really). So when I saw this hack circulating, I decided to try it myself, in order to accurately report just how well it worked.

In theory, this hack is supposed to work because the water keeps air from getting to the open fruit. Avocados, like some other fruits (apples come to mind) turn brown because oxygen in the air causes the flesh to oxidize. So in order to keep the fruit green, you need an airtight seal. Since water adheres to the groves and curves of the fruit, it theoretically blocks all air from making contact.

Here’s how it went for me: Yesterday morning I sliced open an avocado and stored one half in a small container of water. Today, just about 24 hours later, I examined my avocado experiment. The good news: It was still pretty green! There was a small amount of browning, which I assumed was due to the oxygen exposure it got while I was making breakfast the previous day.

The texture of the external part of the green flesh was a bit, for lack of a better word, slimy—but as soon as I sliced it up and mashed it onto a bit of toast, the texture seemed totally normal. All in all, yeah, it works. However, I don’t think I’d leave it for more than a day. And I don’t know if it’s necessarily the best way to store an open avocado.

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