Can Putting Essential Oils On The Scalp Make Them More Effective?

Whenever Galper, the author of Plant-Powered Beauty and The Ultimate Guide to Aromatherapy, feels depleted, stressed, or exhausted, she’ll whip up a 1-ounce roller ball to use for a DIY head massage. Beyond being a lovely treat, she says that head massages may deliver the oil’s benefits quicker and pack a more immediate functional punch.

“Our scalp is where most people have the most hair follicles,” Galper tells mbg. “Where there are more hair follicles, there are more opportunities for the oils and their molecules to enter our blood vessels.”

There’s some science to back this up. Essential oils and their concentrated aromatic extracts are often small enough to penetrate skin when applied topically; this much we know. Once under the skin, however, there hasn’t been much research on how often these oils actually make it to our blood vessels. Some preliminary studies do show that hair follicles can help encourage the penetration of topicals—so this one is worth a shot. Plus, when you massage essential oils anywhere on the skin, you’re still getting the benefit of smelling them.

Just be sure to dilute your oils in a neutral carrier oil first since they can aggravate the skin when applied directly. Galper goes for a formula of five to eight drops of essential oils for every tablespoon of carrier oil. Jojoba is her favorite since it has a subtle smell and isn’t too oily-greasy to the touch.

Massaging your oil combo in a gentle circular motion on the scalp may further enhance your skin’s ability to absorb it. And showing your scalp this kind of love comes with other benefits too: The occasional at-home head massage can help reduce stress, promote hair growth, and potentially even increase hair thickness. Let the oils sit and work their magic for a few moments before washing them off in the shower.

Here, Galper shares two blends you’ll find in her roller ball right now.

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