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Busting Bodybuilding Myths

The folks at Inside Bodybuilding have released an article debunking several of the most prolific misconceptions about bodybuilding.

You can’t burn fat while building muscle

Caloric surplus isn’t the only way to build muscle. Using new exercises, slower reps, heavier weights, and switching it up is an excellent way to get the best of both worlds. It’s a matter of adding a couple new things to your routine.

With just a little effort, you can do both. True, the results may not be as big as if you were bulking up, but the it is still visible and noticeable. Being lazy is the only thing that will keep you from this.

You need supplements

Supplements are overrated. If you look at the bodybuiders before the era of supplements, for example Melvin Wells, they were just as ripped and just as strong without supplements or steroids.

The best thing for you is to eat right and train smart. A lot of the data we’re basing this need for supplements off of comes from studies run by the supplement companies themselves.

Clean bulk prevents fat gains

There is a misconception that healthy eating with a small caloric surplus builds muscle and prevents fat buildup. You need to switch up your workouts for muscle growth.

The kind of food you eat doesn’t actually affect your body composition so much as how much you eat. Eating healthy is still important, but more for health reasons than for muscle mass.

Lifting heavy is required to build muscle

It’s true that heavy lifting can improve your capacity over time, but it isn’t what you need for building muscle. Building muscle is about mixed but steady alternations of pressure and relaxation.

Not only is this easier on your body, it’s more effective. If you look at most mechanics, they have huge forearms simply from lifting a few heavy wrenches day in and day out. Even using the lightest weights, enough reps will quickly build muscle and make you look GREAT.

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