A boy wearing blue jacket bulk up during Netflix and game session

Bulk Up During Netflix and Gaming Sessions

Bulk Up and Relax at the Same Time

“Netflix and chill” are here to stay; anyone in the US without access to Netflix is either lying or working 4 jobs far from an internet connection. Similarly, Fortnite has dance moves and online friends that keep us superglued to our mobile devices. With all of this entertainment are we even eating? Cautionary tales remind us of those who died while gaming due to malnourishment. But fear not; you can bulk up in front of the TV. Those who game all day or binge-watch The Office can bulk up at the same time by adopting these carefree tactics.

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1. Take Shortcuts, but Healthy Shortcuts

Pizza and pasta add calories, but not the best calories. Cheaper ingredients and over-reliance on starches stifle our muscular potential. Burgers and chicken sandwiches provide adequate protein. However, the bread is usually sugar, masquerading as a health item and sneaking onto our plates unnoticed. Do what’s good for your heart.

Invest in a blender and experiment with smoothies or protein shakes. Natural peanut butter, eggs, olive oil, and protein powder (not at the same time obviously :P) all serve as calorie-packing components. Pick and choose fruit that improves the taste, or google recipes if the kitchen scientist vibe doesn’t suit you. A proper shake or smoothie should contain about 1,000 calories.

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2. Squeeze in Exercises

A little trickier if you watch hour long episodes, but shorter episodes or game lobbies provide an open window for a quick sweat. That 2 minutes is enough time for pushups, sit-ups, and squats. Multiple breaks equal a 10 or 15 minute workout, that’s high-intensity since we’re eager to get back to our show or game. Hardcore enough to feel the burn, without losing any real time. After two weeks of doing this every other day, your reps will increase in every exercise.

Pushups, sit-ups, and squats can be performed in small spaces, and rather quickly. Plus, combined they make a full-body workout. As you improve try different pushup positions or add dumbbells to your gym-adjacent repertoire. Kettlebells and planks are good alternatives, just remember the point is to not exercise beyond your short break. We wouldn’t want to keep you from your favorite Kardashian.

time-based goals

3. Set Time-based Goals for Success

Make this a 2-month goal, and then assess your overall results. All those shakes, smoothies and mini exercises will up your weight, strength, and stamina. While this routine is possible every day, we recommend you stick to every other day during the 2 months. Having days off will keep the routine from losing steam and properly repair those muscle cells when needed.

Do not ignore the importance of the shakes and smoothies. Your body needs the right proteins and fats for this process. A high intake of water is essential too; it helps reduce the lactic acid that creates muscle soreness. In layman’s terms, water prevents injuries!

Fit and healthy without the gym is absolutely possible. If this 2-month challenge is something you can handle, then try it. Afterward, you might put yourself on a 6-month challenge as a time-based goal. Naysayers will have their doubts, but healthy calories and any added exercise are good for the body. Not to mention the zero-time lost since you’re exercising during commercials or loading screens.

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