Bring Your Restaurant Salad Home With This Caesar Slaw With Crispy Chickpeas

After a year during which the office desk was abandoned, it’s no surprise that most of us bid farewell to the sad desk salad days. But this is mindbodygreen, and a good salad will never be off the table completely. And so, we’d like to introduce you to the unofficially official unboring salad of 2021. A salad that is as good as that overpriced one you get at a restaurant, but way better for you.

One of the most commonly overlooked keys to turning a sad salad into a happy one is adding texture. Adding little crunch and crisp go a long way, while something creamy will help bring everything together. In this salad, the crunch and crisp come from delicious crispy chickpeas and fresh radishes. The creaminess comes from Primal Kitchen Caesar Dressing, which tastes just like the Caesar you know and love, but has no sugar, gluten, soy, or canola oils.

You deserve to have a salad in your repertoire that you’ll actually look forward to eating. Mark our words, this is the one. 

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