Bluetti Announces Three New and Innovative Portable Power Solutions at CES

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Robust and portable power solutions for keeping our many devices and appliances up and running when off the grid or without power due to natural disasters or unforeseen calamities are more popular than ever, and Bluetti, which offers some of the most innovative products in that space, have just announced three of their newest options at CES in Las Vegas. For 2022, Bluetti has gone all-out and unveiled smarter power solutions—a new sodium-ion battery power station and updated LiFePO4 power stations and solar panels.

Sodium-ion solar generator
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Next Gen Energy Storage

The first, and most exciting, announcement is for the world’s first sodium-ion solar generator and a compatible battery pack, the NA300 and the B480, respectively. Both have the same sleek and stylish form factor as its predecessor—the EP500 Pro—but ups the older model’s 2,400 watt solar input to 3,000 watts that can be recharged from 0 percent to 80 percent in a ground-breaking half-hour at room temp. The new power station keeps the Pro’s four 20 amp plugs and one 30 amp L14-30 output ports, and is driven by a built-in 3,000 watt pure sine wave inverter that’s robust enough to juice up most household electrical appliances.

This first-generation sodium-ion battery matches the LiFePO4 (or lithium iron phosphate) battery cells used in other Bluetti products in performance, though the NA300 provides a capacity of 3,000 watt hours, which is less than the 5,100 watt hours of the EP500 Pro (housed in a similar sized case) owing to the current sodium-ion battery technology limitations. But the new sodium tech gives the NA300 an advantages in features like cost, low-temperature performance, and quick-charging. Testing has shown that in -4 degrees F (-20 degrees C), the sodium-ion battery pack can retain 85 percent of its power and has a system integration efficiency of over 80 percent, which is perfect for powering in winter or places with consistently low temperatures.

You can also attach two B480 battery modules (4,800 watt hours each) to bump overall capacity to 12,600 watt hours, which is enough to power a families electricity needs for multiple days or even a week if kept juiced up by solar panels. The NA300 can also be hooked up to your house’s electrical system with a 240 volt, 6,000 watt connection with a Fusion Box and can be controlled with the IoT App Remote Control by iOS or Android.

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Portable power station
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The Long-Awaited APEX Arrives

Possibly the most powerful pure sine wave inverter brought to market, and the most powerful in Bluetti’s history, the mighty Bluetti AC500 (or The Apex) is a ground-breaking 5,000-watt beast that has been in development for two years. The AC500 is a 100-percent modular solar battery system, which works with the B301 battery module—and is also backwards compatible with the older B300—can work with up to six of the B301s per unit, which would add up to a staggering 18,432 watt hours. This would be enough power to keep a whole families’ basic needs supplied for days during emergencies or power outages.

Other features include fast charging: with AC and solar charging the unit simultaneously charging, the total input can reach up to 8,000 watts, which means that one hour charging can power up an air conditioner for 5–8 hours, or an clothing dryer for 1–2 hours. Alternatively, just one hour of solar charging can power up a saw for 2–4 hours or a computer for 4–6 hours. Two AC500’s can also be paired for a 240 volt, 10,000 watt output power system that can be integrated into your home circuit with Bluetti’s Smart Home Panel.

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Portable power station
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The Tiny-Yet-Mighty Power Solution

The form factor of portable power units is especially important when going camping or overlanding off the grid, and that makes the new EB3A—which is even smaller than the EB55, the previous compact champion—a must-have for outdoor adventurers looking for an entry-level, budget-friendly power solution.

The “A” stands for “advanced” in this new power station as it has a 600 watt pure sine wave inverter and a 268 watt hour LiFePO4 battery pack, and can also support up to 200 watts of solar input, and is the first product in Bluetti’s sub-3,000 watt hour range that doesn’t need a bulky power brick to charge. Just one lone cable will charge the EB3A at a fairly quick rate of 600 watts, or 0 to 80 percent charged in only 20 minutes.

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