Blackcurrants May Support Healthy Blood Sugar Balance, Study Says

The findings of this new study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, support previous research suggesting the beneficial health effects of blackcurrant. In regards to blood sugar, these little berries may have a positive effect due to their relatively high concentration of polyphenol content. In particular, the researchers mention anthocyanin, a type of polyphenol that exists in blackcurrants at a rate of around 150mg/100g of currants.

Eating blackcurrants alongside sugars and carbohydrates was shown to decrease a blood sugar spike post-meal, and also delay the subsequent dip. Although, it’s worth noting this was a small study, with only 26 participants.

In order to see the impact blackcurrant had on sugars and ultimately blood sugar levels, participants were asked to come for four visits. During each session, they consumed different test products, including water as a control. Then, the participants gave blood samples at intervals across three hours post-meal, which were assessed for glucose, insulin, and free fatty acids. In all cases where participants ate blackcurrants, there was a minimized overall glycemic response—including a delay in blood sugar drop and a delay in the rise of free fatty acids.

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