Best Icelandic Gins to Sip or Mix in Cocktails

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Himbrimi Gin
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2. Himbrimi Gin

Presented in two expressions, Himbrimi Gin is yet another symbol of the synergy between nature and everything native Icelanders do. In 2013, founder Óskar Ericsson was inspired by the aromatic herbs and wild botanicals lining the banks where he fished to create a gin as “the perfect fishing companion.” The amber-hued Old Tom Gin is inspired by early 18th century gin recipes, using angelica flowers and honey to provide a subtle sweetness “like nothing you’ve ever tasted before,” says the brand. Himbrimi Winterbird Edition shares the same loon logo—the Icelandic name for the aquatic bird is ‘heaven howler,’ which translates to Himbrimi—but is more bitter with juniper berries and Arctic thyme as a base (all hand-picked by Ericsson). Though I first tried Himbrimi in a gin and tonic, Ericsson produced the gin “to be enjoyed straight from the bottle,” making it a perfect fishing companion indeed.

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Angelica Gin
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3. Angelica Gin

This Juniper-forward gin, punctuated by bittersweet notes from spices, botanicals, and fruits—including rhubarb, Angelica seeds, blueberries, caraway, and crowberries—is produced by 64°Reykjavik Distillery, a family-run, independent micro-distillery. With a brand ethos of “foraging for flavor,” 64°Reykjavik relies on farmers and foragers who know the lay of the lands in order to take advantage of the abbreviated Arctic summers and sustainably gather the berries and botanicals responsible for their signature gin.

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Wild Pink Gin
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4. Wild Pink Gin

In the U.S., when our drinks are fluorescent, it’s usually a sign of artificial flavoring and high-sugar content. That’s not the case with Wild Pink Gin. Produced with pure water from Icelandic mountains, and naturally infused with strawberries that impart its distinguishable rosy hue, Reykjavik Spirits dedicated this expression as an ode to the locals, or as they write, “kind people living in a harsh environment.” Pour this up in a coup for a naturally colorful martini.

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