Best Frozen Cocktails to Make This Summer

Best Frozen Cocktails to Make This Summer

We’ve officially reached the stretch of summer where ice melts in your rocks glass before you can rally everyone to say “cheers.” Your beer? It hardly stands a chance once you pluck it from the ice bed in your Yeti. It’s time to call in the blender for backup and expand your frozen cocktail repertoire beyond the standard strawberry daiquiris and the piña coladas.

There are some tricks to concocting the perfect boozy and blended drink. As the temperature of your drinks lowers, the sugar is pressed but not the acid, explains Thomas Mizuno-Moore, senior beverage manager at Mediterranean restaurant Aba in Austin, TX. So this is one of those rare occasions you might need to sweeten your drink so you don’t end up with too sour of a cocktail. Also, the higher the proof in your spirits, the more liquidity you’ll be working with, Mizuno-Moore says. Conversely, the lower the proof, the more frozen the drink will be. “Make sure you’re selecting the right amount of a spirit to get that perfect slush consistency,” he says.

If you’re entertaining, you can prep by putting batches of your cocktails together the night before. Place the drinks in freezer bags and let them chill overnight. Once your mixture is frozen, chop it into little blocks and toss in the blender before serving, Mizuno-Moore advises. Need some frozen cocktail inspiration? These blended recipes from top bartenders around the country are the summertime bomb.

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1. Frosé

This Frosé recipe is enjoyed en masse on the crescent-shaped rooftop pool deck at the Four Seasons New Orleans. The recipe from Chemin a la Mer uses a splash of Italicus Bergamot Liqueur, which adds some citrus and herbaceous notes.

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