Ashley Graham Does An ACV Rinse For Healthy Hair Growth

Apple cider vinegar hair rinses are nothing new—in fact, beauty fans have been touting apple cider vinegar for ages, even formulating them into products. In Graham’s experience, the DIY method has shown helpful as her strands bounce back from postpartum hair loss. “Four months postpartum my whole hairline fell out,” Graham notes in the interview, and along with some styling hacks to swirl her newly grown cowlicks into place, she relies on ACV to stimulate the follicles for healthy growth.  

She’s not wrong: While there’s no hard evidence to show that the vitamins and minerals of ACV contribute to hair growth specifically (just the weight of anecdotal claims, like Graham’s), the solution does effectively remove buildup on the scalp: “Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid and alpha-hydroxy acids, which can help degrease and cleanse the skin,” board-certified dermatologist Morgan Rabach, M.D., and co-founder of LM Medical NYC, once told us about ACV’s hair benefits

As we know, too much gunk and buildup can lead to scalp inflammation—and a chronically inflamed scalp can lead to some shedding strands. That’s why many experts will tell you to regularly clean and stimulate the scalp if you’re hoping for faster hair growth—and that’s where the lovely apple cider vinegar makes its appearance. (Plus, it can make your hair super shiny—here’s the full list of benefits.)

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