Are Ghosts Real? What The Experts Say, Theories & More

Are Ghosts Real? What The Experts Say, Theories & More

Cho, Levinger, and professional intuitive and author of Angel IntuitionTanya Carroll Richardson are all open to the idea of ghosts. Levinger and Richardson, in fact, both say they’ve experienced ghostly energy firsthand.

However, Richardson caveats, “When discussing topics like ghosts, I think it’s important to note that no one has all the answers, and I encourage people to make up their own minds. I have seen ghosts a few times with my physical eyes, but they can also be sensed with your feeling or clairsentient psychic pathway.”

Levinger concurs, noting that after working as a medium and intuitive for years, she’s received enough validation through her readings to believe the information that comes through to her. “If this isn’t your line of work or if you aren’t used to trusting your intuition, it can be hard to believe that ghosts, which live in a realm where the only way to be aware of them is to trust that intuition exists.”

She adds that, again, some people just don’t believe that there is an afterlife. “There are so many religious and belief systems that don’t include ghosts—and I personally respect that, even if that’s not what I believe.”

Ultimately though, the experts in the fields of mysticism, the occult, and the paranormal are (more than likely) going to believe, or at least be open to, the idea of ghosts. Those who are more concerned with the physical realm, and prefer to base belief on science (as well as proof), are going to have a hard time warming up to the idea—unless, of course, they were to experience something ghostly themselves…

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