An Integrative Psychiatrist On The Mental Health Benefits Of Hemp

“It’s one of our favorite tools we use in the office,” Shannon tells mbg from his Colorado-based integrative practice. With amounting anecdotal evidence under his belt, Shannon set out to study the mental health potential of hemp-derived CBD in a more regimented way. Last year, his team published one of the first long-term clinical studies on CBD’s potential in the psychiatric field.

The study tracked 103 of his clinic’s patients, most of whom had a diagnosed anxiety or sleep disorder, as they added CBD to their existing treatment plans. Over the course of three months, they took 10 to 25 mg of CBD a day in capsule form and reported back on how it was affecting them. Though CBD’s impact on sleep was inconclusive, it did seem to help with stress levels.*

“We found that anxiety dropped quickly, within a week, and stayed down for as long as people stayed in the study,” Shannon says.* Furthermore, “it was well tolerated in all but three patients” and rarely caused side effects. Approximately 79.2% of patients had decreased self-reported anxiety scores based on the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale, which asks users to quantify feelings like anxiousness, fear, and tension on a scale of 1 to 4.

The findings, published in the peer-reviewed medical journal the Permanente Journal last year, support the mounting evidence that hemp products can be helpful for stress management, even when taken at relatively low doses.*

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