An Expert’s 5 Minute Scalp Massage To Ease Tension Anywhere

Need a moment of relaxation this Thanksgiving? I’d wager you probably do, no matter what you are up to, be it staying home with your immediate household or safely seeing a small group of friends or family. Holidays can be stressful, regardless, and now couple that with the added anxiety of this stressful time? It can feel overwhelming. At times like this, taking a moment to tend to yourself, ground yourself, and relieve tension is of the utmost importance. 

Often when people talk about “self-care” in beauty, it involves making some sort of purchase—a mask, a lipstick, a bright new nail varnish—but self care doesn’t need to come at a cost. We’ve talked about this plenty: Self care is something is something you do, not something you buy. However, with many beauty and self care rituals, you genuinely need the right objects on hand to do them. (You need a stone to gua sha, you need products for a night of masking, for example.)

But there’s one beauty self care routine you don’t need anything: A scalp massage. Here’s one stylists’ oh-so-easy 5-minute scalp massage that you can do anytime, anywhere, with nothing but your finger tips. 

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