An Ayurvedic Doctor On How To Digest The Lessons Of 2020

According to Ayurveda, every aspect of our lives—our relationships, career, daily routines, home environment, etc.—affects our health. It’s from this place of connection that we can start to notice how everything that’s outside of us sets off reactions within us.

By this logic, if we aren’t processing our outer experiences, they can build up and lead to physical discomfort, illness, and even chronic disease.

This was especially true in 2020, a year like no other that was filled with so many new experiences… experiences most of never dreamed we would have: Wearing masks, social-distancing, carrying hand sanitizer everywhere, canceling travel, and postponing family celebrations. Virtual drinks, dates, coffee, work, and school.

And so as we move into a new year, I’m working to digest all the experiences that 2020 had in store. As I go, I’m considering what is worth keeping and integrating, and what should be eliminated.

These five Ayurvedic lessons are definitely worth carrying forward into 2021 and beyond. I hope they serve you as you reflect, process, and plan.

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