A Taco Cauliflower Bowl Recipe That’s Plant-Based & Keto-Friendly

Many of us have heard about intuitive eating, the ability to listen to your body and its hunger signals—so you can eat when you are actually hungry, not just during a rigid mealtime. However, in order to authentically and sustainably eat intuitively, in my experience, you first need to have some metabolically flexibility.

Through metabolic flexibility, your body is able to burn both glucose and fat for fuel, depending on what is available. This flexibility and fat adaptation allows you to maintain consistent energy levels, brain power, and appetite. When you have control over your hunger, you can let your intuition take the lead.

Through my telehealth functional medicine clinic, I’ve helped thousands of people all over the world reach metabolic flexibility, heal their relationship with food, and support their health—and I wanted to help as many people as possible achieve these same things. 

That’s why, in my new book Intuitive Fasting, I lay out a four-week flexible fasting plan—which harnesses the power of intermittent fasting and a clean plant-forward cyclical keto (what I call ketotarian)—to help achieve metabolic flexibility. By utilizing various intermittent fasting windows and nutrient-dense recipes, at the end of the four weeks you’ll have all the tools necessary to get in touch with your own instinctive eating patterns.

Here is just one example of the beautiful and delicious plant-based keto recipes you’ll be able to enjoy during your eating windows:

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