A Supermodel’s Go-To Snacks For Fuel & Blood Sugar Balance

For a simple, no-fuss snack, Bock relies on nut butter. “I always have these little almond butter packs with me,” she says. “They’re in every purse for flights, days in the car, or walking around the city.” Almonds make a wonderful snack, as they boast a fair share of protein and healthy fats, but Long also recommends Bock add some fiber to the mix, if she can—an apple, slices of papaya, or some chopped peppers, for example. Fiber, protein, and healthy fats are the nutrient trifecta for a satisfying snack: “If you mix those three nutrients together, you will feel full longer, which is what you need to maintain even blood sugar and energy during the day,” Long notes. 

Almond butter packs and sliced veggies make a superb grab-and-go snack for busy days, but when they do have more time to prepare, both Bock and Long lean on a few more creative recipes. Remember: “A snack doesn’t have to be a ‘snack food,'” notes Long. 

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