A Stomach-Soothing Lentil Soup This MD Relied On Through Chemo

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was one of the first times I realized, despite being a doctor, I had no control over the outcome of my own disease. But getting back in touch with what I was cooking, eating, and drinking, was one way that I learned to cope—emotionally and physically—with treatment.

Throughout my radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy, I began making nutrient-dense meals that not only made me feel healthy, but also tasted good. One go-to lunch during that journey was dal: a lentil soup with spinach.

Dal is one of my favorite comfort foods, but even if you didn’t grow up eating it, I’m sure you’ll find it filling and soothing. The turmeric is an added bonus. Asafetida powder is used in Indian cooking as a digestive, helping to lower the effects of gas and bloating from foods like beans and lentils. While it has a pungent aroma, it is very flavorful once added to a dish. Overall, the soup is comforting and flavorful, and became a staple during my treatment.

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