A Simple Shakshuka Recipe With Brain-Supporting Benefits*

As the seasons change and the days get darker, many people begin to shift into a natural hibernation-like mode, which is why staying inside and eating warm, nourishing food becomes so appealing. When a comfort craving strikes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a simple soothing shakshuka nearly always hits the spot. 

This tomato shakshuka recipe, adapted from cookbook author Leah Vanderveldt, incorporates roasted red peppers for immune-supporting vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and the antioxidant beta-carotene.  

What’s more, adding mbg organic veggies+ to the recipe can enhance the nutritional value further. “Even if you’re eating a massive salad at lunch or incorporating greens into your morning smoothie, you still may not be getting an adequate amount of veggies in your daily diet,” chef and nutritionist Danielle Shine, BSc, previously wrote for mbg. 

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