A Self-Reflection Practice To Help Work Through Your Fears

The parts of our practice—including meditation, pranayama, creating true stillness, concentrating our energy within—shed light on the shadow and bring it into focus. You may start to notice tendencies, reactions, triggers within yourself of which you were never consciously aware, and these will give you clues to keep digging down to the root of what fears are actually held in your shadow.

If you never take the time to examine your deepest fears, you won’t truly begin to understand your motivations, your patterns of moving through the world, your very self. Maybe you keep attracting guys who cheat on you or treat you poorly because deep down you have a fear that you aren’t good enough for a quality man and that’s all you deserve. Or maybe you don’t go for the career you are so passionate about because you have a fear you’re not good enough to make it after all. Perhaps you might say that you don’t want something (having kids, working as a full-time Pilates instructor, getting married, starting your own website, and so on) because you really do want that very thing, and you’re fearful that you won’t be able to get it. Maybe you keep getting cosmetic work done here and there because you can’t shake the nagging fear that you’re getting old and you’re not going to find someone (or hold on to someone) who will love you.

If you can start to imagine what it would be like to be free from all of these fears, then you can start to imagine a new reality. When you even consider the possibility, it’s the beginning of converting a potential into your reality.

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