A Sample Menu With Recipes

A plant-based holiday dinner is very much within reach, especially this year as we’re gathering less and, therefore, more able to hone our menus to fit our particular tastes (instead of catering to those of extended family or our friends).

A special meal is a great way to mark the holiday in a year when many other celebrations have been minimized and cancelled—it’s a perfect opportunity to make a more involved dish that you wouldn’t otherwise make, or to enjoy something with rich, comforting flavors. That’s exactly the focus of this menu: healthy food that will make you feel cozy and comfortable, and that certainly feels celebratory.

Whether this is your first times you’re opting for a completely plant-based meal or not, here you’ll find a few of our favorite festive recipes all on one page, making it easier for you to use when hitting the store. After all, a well organized shopping list is probably the best way to avoid extra trips to the store—something that’s even more important to think about as COVID-19 cases rise across the country.

For a fun and undeniably festive way to start your meal, consider making this Kombucha Mule. A flavorful take on the classic cocktail, it’s got the added bonus of gut health benefits (thanks to the probiotics in the kombucha).

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