A Quick Guided Meditation To Do Anytime

Transitions are difficult to navigate—and we’re dealing with a lot of them right now. Between the changing seasons, the days getting shorter, the transition of leadership currently underway in the U.S., and the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there’s no shortage of stressors these days.

Which is why it’s so essential to make time for self-care, whatever that looks like for you. Whether you’re short on time or a beginner to meditation, this quick guided mindfulness exercise by Jenn Tardif, the founder of 3rd Ritual, takes only three minutes, and it’ll leave you feeling lighter, calmer, and more mindful as you continue your day.

In this meditation, Tardif encourages you to drop into your body, breathe deep, and let it go. With each breath, you’ll release more and more tension, inviting kindness and compassion into your being.

Find a comfortable seat somewhere quiet, where you’ll be undisturbed. Let’s begin.

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