A Pescatarian-Friendly Bone Broth Recipe With Sea Vegetables

Bone broth, and all it’s benefits, has quickly become a kitchen staple for increasing well-being and lowering food waste. But for those who opt out of most animal products, bone broth may seem off-limits since recipes generally call for beef or chicken bones.

However, for Ashleigh VanHouten, a fish-based bone broth always made sense. “Maybe it’s my Nova Scotian upbringing and the constant smell of the salty, briny ocean, but I’ve never been afraid of ‘fishy’ fish dishes,” she writes in her new cookbook It Takes Guts.

The recipe calls on another nutrient-dense ingredient, too: sea vegetables. “My stepdad used to love to eat, dulse, the dried, über-salty seaweed harvested right out of the Atlantic in our backyard, and I developed a taste for those crunchy, deep, bitter veggies too,” she explains, “It turns out that sea vegetables are incredibly healthful, containing high amounts of vitamins, minerals, and specifically iodine.”

This broth is great for drinking warm on it’s own when you’re looking to increase nutrients, but it’s also a perfect cooking liquid for adding to rice or to use as a base for a seafood soup.

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