A Performance Expert’s 5 Nonnegotiables For Productivity

The next step, says Kotler, is to set manageable goals. Now, you do need high-level aspirations, but the key to productivity is to set process-oriented goals. Those long-term desires have their time and place, sure, but everyday performance relies on those mission-level, tangible goals. 

Take this long-term goal, for instance: I want to be the greatest author in history. “That’s a moving target. It’s an aim,” says Kotler. “You want to chunk those down into hard, one to five-year goals.” Try something like: I’d like to write a New York Times bestseller. Tangible, specific, and process-oriented. 

With that goal, though, it’s even more helpful to dissect it into clear, daily goal lists. It’s like a web of goal-setting: “Everything has to point in the same direction,” says Kotler. “Your high goals have to flow into your mission-level goals and your clear, daily goals.” 

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