A Nourishing Roasted & Stuffed Spiced Sweet Potato Recipe

Enter this recipe from Zoe Adjonyoh’s cookbook, Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen, which opts for roasting sweet potatoes and stuffing them with a spiced mixture, allowing this staple ingredient to shine in a new way.

“While santom/abrodwomaa is generally the Ghanaian name for sweet potatoes, a pretty common sight in markets and kitchens,” Adjonyoh writes. “In the northern region of Ghana the orange-fleshed variety most of us are familiar with has been christened alfie wuljo in the local language of Dagbani, meaning ‘healthy potato.'” She explains, “This is because it has been introduced relatively recently through a USAID project to counter vitamin A deficiency, and has proven a big hit.” The filling also adds more micronutrients to the table thanks to the combo of spinach, bell pepper, and red onion.

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