A Makeup Artist’s Go-To Trick That Flatters Every Eye Shape

As the lower regions of our faces remain covered, we welcome all the eye makeup moments we can get our paws on. Among a masked-up public, it’s your lids (and brows!) that oversee all the beauty statements of late.

There are makeup tips aplenty to define your own eye shape (hop over here, if you’re curious), but you can also lean on a few staple looks when you’re in an absolute pinch. (Say, if you don’t have time to peer into your irises and figure out which lid structure you have.) According to makeup artist Alexandra Compton, product development manager at clean beauty retailer Credo, there’s one blend that punches up any makeup look: “I learned this universally flattering trick in makeup school and it has not failed me in my artistry career to date,” she says. 

The trick, you ask? It’s a subtle take on the ombre smokey eye, and it looks stunning on every eye shape. 

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