A Healthy Roasted Green Bean Recipe With Tahini Sauce

While there are healthier ways to make a traditional version of the dish, I’ve always liked reimagining holiday dishes with related, but unique, recipes. This take on green beans, from Christopher Kimball’s newest book Milk Street Vegetables, has those same key flavors as the original recipe: fresh green beans, a creamy base, and salty crunch. Where it differs is in the lack of mushroom or onion flavor, instead going for cumin and sesame as the dominant flavors.

In terms of planning for your holiday, this dish is roasted in the oven just as the casserole is baked, so there’s no worries about needing extra stove space. “Roasting coaxes the sweetness out of green beans and develops caramelized flavors in a way that steaming and blanching cannot,” writes Kimball, though he does warn: “Keep an eye on the beans as they roast, as they can go from perfectly tender-crisp to mushy quickly.”

Paired with a creamy sauce of tahini, lemon, and garlic, this novel way of cooking green beans is a fantastic way to add more texture to the dish—and your holiday table.

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