A Hairstylist-Approved DIY Scalp Treatment For Happy Follicles

For the scalp, Dickey likes to cocktail a mix of carrier oils and essential oils: Essential oils can calm inflammation, stimulate the scalp, and help remove product buildup, but blending them with a carrier oil allows for a more gentle, moisturizing application (plus, you never want to apply EO’s directly on the skin). Dickey favors a few different EO’s (rosemary, lavender, tea tree, peppermint, basil, and sweet orange oil) with a grapeseed oil base. “It’s a nice carrier oil for the finer essential oils,” he notes. 

While each EO has its own benefits for the scalp (see here for details of each), “I like to base all of those oils by smell,” Dickey says. Since tea tree and peppermint have very strong scents, he likes to add only a few drops of each oil, letting the other, subtler smells take the reins. That way, you’re still getting all the purifying, blood flowing properties of those stronger oils without an overpowering whiff.

That said, here’s the exact line-up:

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