A Group Energy Reading For May 3-10, 2022, From An Intuitive

A Group Energy Reading For May 3-10, 2022, From An Intuitive

When we adopt a wider perspective this week, it will become easier to find answers. But we also must remember that sometimes, there are no answers to be found. When my client’s brother told us that we will never know everything, I felt relieved. Let this be your reminder: You will never know it all, so you can stop pressuring yourself into thinking you will.

This week, what if we put our energy into feeling gratitude for the vastness of the universe and the miracle of how things are instead of needing to know why things are?

I know that sounds a little pie in the sky, but in our society, the body’s wisdom is so minimized over the brain’s. And yet, the emotional answers to our questions are often found by slowing down and becoming aware of where we feel things in our body. Sometimes, when we do this, our need to find an answer dissipates and we can feel the joy of the present moment.

If you find yourself fighting against the tide this week (classic Mercury retrograde energy!) try to remember to slow down. Allow yourself to surrender to the waves instead of fighting them.

One other theme that came up last week and is following us this week has to do with expectations. This is a good time to explore where are you expecting too much of yourself and others. Is it necessary to be “perfect” partners/employers/students? Or is it enough to show up as yourself and be present in the moment, waiting to see what the next right step is? When we can be kind to ourselves, it’s easier to see the bigger picture and detach from high expectations.

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