A Green Juice Cocktail Recipe, Great For Festive Parties

The mix of veggies like broccoli, kale, spinach, plus sea veggies allows this greens powder to provide essential vitamins and minerals. Jessica Cording, M.S., R.D., CDN, says it’s also a good way to aid digestion: “Because the organic veggies+ contains digestive enzymesprobiotics, and a little fiber, it can be a way to incorporate some gut-healthy elements into your day.”*

If you’re planning to opt for a mocktail, this mix works just as wonderfully with a few ounces of your favorite kombucha swapped in for the liquor portion (which will add extra gut-heathy probiotics to the party).

Because the formula is so simple, it’s actually really easy to adjust it to your tastes and to what you know works best for your body—while some people prefer the botanical feel of gin, others may opt for the more smoky flavor of mezcal or the sharpness of tequila.

While there are added benefits of working a greens powder into your cocktail, it doesn’t mean you’re negating the booze: “Just note, that doesn’t automatically mean your cocktail becomes healthy. A cocktail is still a cocktail,” says Cording. “From my perspective, it’s really about having a good experience and practicing moderation and safety when consuming alcohol.”

Make it even more Halloween-y by opting for a blood orange as your citrus component, or you could cut it with another citrus juice. Since this green juice cocktail takes only four ingredients to put together, it’s simple enough to whip up for any virtual shindig—and you’ll certainly be the toast of the party.

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