A Functional MD’s 3 Daily Tips For Hormone Balance

We know—we were bummed, too. Yes, you can still have your morning cup of joe, but according to Bhatia, the midday coffee actually isn’t doing you any favors for sustained energy. When you feel sluggish in the afternoon, it’s likely because of a blood sugar slump, and that second cup of coffee only acts as a Band-Aid.

“You are artificially elevating your blood sugar and insulin levels, then crashing back down,” she explains. “Every time you reach for coffee to stimulate you that way, you’re jumping on this merry-go-round of feeling better for an hour to two hours, then you’re going to come back down again.” And so you might reach for another cup—and the cycle continues. 

Rather, Bhatia recommends “leveling off that energy” but getting your nutrients optimized (so you don’t experience that blood sugar dip midday). Again, let’s circle back to the fiber point above, as a fiber-filled breakfast is top notch for balancing blood sugar. (See here for recipe inspiration.) “Maybe [use] adrenal adaptogens that indirectly support cortisol balance,” offers Bhatia, like ashwagandha and holy basil. “That might be a better option to keep you off this train of a big spike in insulin with a cup of coffee and then a big drop in blood sugar.” 

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