A Festive Cocktail (Or Mocktail) Recipe For Virtual Gatherings

Whether or not you choose to use alcohol in this spritz, there’s a common ingredient you’ll definitely want to note: mindbodygreen’s organic veggies+. Packed with leafy greens, sea vegetables, digestion-supporting ingredients, plus healthy spices like turmeric and ginger.*

“Because the organic veggies+ contains digestive enzymesprobiotics, and a little fiber, it can be a way to incorporate some gut-healthy elements into your day,” says Cording.* This time of year, we’re all about those easy ways to incorporate added nutrition—and though you may not have thought about adding them through a cocktail, you certainly can. Just keep Cording’s advice in mind: “A cocktail is still a cocktail.” In other words it’s still important to consume in moderation.

In addition to the health benefits of veggies+, this cocktail includes a bit of pomegranate juice (and some fresh pomegranate). With more antioxidant oomph than you might expect, pomegranates are something of a superfood in their own right: the seeds and the juice are both good sources of flavonols, even more than a cup of green tea, according to some studies.

The best part of a simple cocktail recipe like this one is how easy it is to customize to fit your preferences, and what works for your body. If you’re taking the mocktail route, consider swapping a bit of the sparkling water for some of your favorite kombucha, to amp up those gut-healthy ingredients in the greens powder (and to add a bit of extra flavor, too). You could also add extra fruit flavors—a bit of fresh citrus or cranberry juice would be excellent to pair with, or replace, the pomegranate juice.

If you’re including alcohol, you don’t necessarily need to add it all. Consider skipping the gin, and just enjoy a mix of organic veggies+, pomegranate juice, and some sparkling wine. Or, go half and half on the sparkling wine and sparkling water for a lower ABV option. However you choose to prep this cocktail, it’s sure to spark some holiday cheer.

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