A Doctor’s 3 Tips To Bolster Kids’ Mental Health During COVID

It’s no secret parents have taken on more than a few roles during the pandemic: Not only are you a full-time caregiver, but you may add full-time teacher, employee, and chef to the resume as well. It can quickly become overwhelming—that’s why Warsh urges parents to also consider their own mental health and overall well-being. After all, it’s difficult to care for someone else while running on an empty tank. 

“I’m an integrative physician, and I always love to think about how you can keep your body strong in general,” Warsh explains. “What are the things that you do have some control over at home?” He mentions the big hitters for keeping immunity up to par: stress, exercise, diet, and sleep (other experts would agree). “These are the foundations that we absolutely know are so key to keeping ourselves healthy, to keep our immune system strong, whether it’s a pandemic or any [other] disease,” he says.

And when you optimize your own health, you’re in a better headspace to help those around you—should they be struggling physically or mentally.

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