A Chocolate & Avocado Smoothie Recipe With Bonus Vegetables

Here’s an unexpected veggie base for your next smoothie: zucchini.

While this chocolate avocado smoothie might take its name from two of its more popular ingredients, we love that this tasty, creamy recipe also sneaks in bonus veggies. Most notably, zucchini is a good source of potassium and vitamin C—both of which can help support good sleep

Altogether, this smoothie is a good source of fiber (with just over 8 grams per serving), thanks mostly to all-star avocado and zucchini. Absolutely can’t get behind the idea of squash in your smoothie? Cauliflower works as an even substitution, and it’s still a solid source of fiber, too.

Dates, (or maple syrup, dealers choice), offer a subtle sweetness to pair with the cacao powder, a superfood that can help support mood and energy levels. While there is a bit of coffee in the recipe, it won’t be a primary flavor or serve as much of a caffeine boost. It mostly helps to compliment and accentuate the satisfying chocolate flavor.

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