A Beauty Editor On Her Top 3 Hair Growth Tips To Try At Home

I have long been an advocate for scalp massages—not only because I find them to be a very delightful way to end the day, but because they are so good for your scalp and hair health. In fact, several studies have shown that regular scalp massages can help promote thickness and regrowth. They do so, researchers believe, because they promote circulation to the scalp; and with circulation comes oxygen and nutrients carried by the bloodstream. 

And while I’ve long believed in the benefits of scalp massages—I hold tension in my scalp, because apparently that’s a thing!—I haven’t always been as diligent about my habit. Often, I’d skip it for sake of time and energy. But in the past year, I decided to make it a new habit that I stick with every evening. And the messages are nothing fancy either—clock five or so minutes a night before your shower, while watching TV, or even enlist your partner into the action. (Personally I DIY it before bed and I handle it just fine.) It takes a while—hair growth isn’t immediate after all—but you’ll notice a difference. 

I’ve also found a brand new serum that has made me enjoy it all the more: Nuele Hair Serum. It blends together jojoba, rosemary, moringa, argan, and clary sage (read: like all of our favorite hair ingredients), and the result is a thin, easy to use oil that packs in nutrients. Plus the natural smell is crisp and refreshing, making the massage near spa-like. 

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