A Beauty Editor Makes The Case For Night Creams + Her Favorite

When I first tried Savor Beauty’s White Truffle Face Cream, I thought: Great product, not for me. (As a beauty editor this happens quite a bit: You need to make room for the idea that just because a product doesn’t suit your needs perfectly doesn’t make it a bad product, per se; in fact for another person, it may be the golden ticket!) But then my skin started changing over the past year, and with timing like magic, I was given another tub of this product to test out. 

This was a little less than a year ago—right before lock down, in fact—and soon this cream became a nighttime comfort. Each evening, the texture melted into skin, coddling my skin as I slept. 

The star ingredient is the white truffle extract (called the “white diamond” of skin care superfoods, apparently). It has an impressive ability to hydrate cells while encouraging regeneration and vibrancy. The latter is also important while you sleep, as your skin does most of its repair and regrowth during your REM cycle. It does so, as the ingredient contains a special enzyme called superoxide dismutase, which can help smooth fine lines and improve dark spots.

The coolest part? There are actually three versions of this face cream—and you can choose the formulation that best suits your other needs, without sacrificing the rich base or star active. There’s the acne-prone-skin version, which contains watermelon seed oil, papaya extract, and rosehip oil to temper blemishes. There’s the combo skin version, which contains pumpkin seed oil, sage extract, and rice bran which aids in healthy aging, while tending to the occasional flare-ups (what I use.) And there’s the dry skin version, which is loaded with meadowfoam, ginkgo biloba extract, and raspberry seed oil to condition skin. 

Trust me when I say, I used my jar til the very last drop.

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