A 7-Card Tarot Spread To See What Summer Has In Store For You

When pulling cards, Daya says it’s important to apply them to the unique aspects of your earthly life, “like career, love and any specific personal intentions.” Combined with the astrological seasons of summer, your own sun sign, and anything else you think is important to relate back to, the cards can help elicit insights and ah-ha’s, helping you to see things in a new light.

If you pull any tricky, challenging cards, or cards in reverse, she says you can “think of how the sun can transform that energy quite fast during the next three months.”

The wonderful thing about tarot is, if you pull a card that you don’t like, or seems like a warning, at least now you’re aware. Tarot invites us to reconsider our approach, so we can fine-tune our actions to avoid a fallout, or at the very least, learn the lessons necessary for our journey. And in the case of this summer, a quick reading can help you be fully prepared for what this sunny season has in store.

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