A 30-Second Meditation From The CEO Of Whole Foods Market

“I set my watch to beep every hour,” he says. “Then I will spend 30 to 60 seconds centering myself, breathing, doing mindful meditation, and being fully aware in the moment.”

That’s it—who says mindfulness has to be time-consuming? In fact, taking these micro-moments throughout the day to center yourself can sometimes be even more helpful than a full-blown meditation—especially if you find it difficult to sit still

Although it’s simple, it does take some practice to master. “Like any skill, you get better the more you practice,” Mackey notes. “I do still emotionally react, but I’m not unconscious as long as I used to be.” Meaning, he can catch himself before the emotions get the best of him, and he can quickly snap out of the funk. 

Perhaps as you practice more, you won’t need to set the hourly reminder to sit and breathe—instead, you’ll know exactly how to rebound from stressful or negative situations, should any of those emotions arise. “As you practice catching yourself when you get into a reactive emotional state, you get better at it,” Mackey assures. 

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