9 Ways To Use It On Clothes, Towels & More

Buy it for the salad dressings, keep it around for the spot cleaning. White distilled vinegar is a kitchen staple with a high acidity that makes it an effective cleaner and deodorizer, too. It can be used to freshen up everything from dishwashers to ovens to some tabletops.

In the laundry department, the workhorse ingredient cleans washing machines and deodorize, brighten, and soften clothes. Unlike other high-acidity vinegars, it’s white and won’t stain fabrics. And while it may smell a little funky in the bottle, it won’t make your delicates stink like a pickle jar when used correctly. Plus, it’s safe for those with sensitive skin that tends to flare up with traditional, chemical-heavy detergents, and gentler on the environment than petroleum-based laundry products that can pollute waterways once washed down the drain.

Here are nine ways to sub white distilled vinegar into your laundry day routine for clean clothes on a clear conscience.

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