9 Ways To Start and Stay On Your Fitness Goals

Making the decision to improve your fitness levels requires serious motivation. In fact, it’s often said that starting any new training regime is the hardest part of all, but in reality staying the course is more complicated than that. It’s true that you can’t make positive lifestyle changes without first making the effort to get started, but maintaining that motivation levels once the initial novelty of hitting the gym has worn off could be the truest test of your mental grit and physical discipline.

Everyone, from newbie to elite level athletes, will suffer ups and downs with training, so how do we stay consistent when everyday life stresses, work, and a multitude of other commitments that threaten to derail our progress in the gym?

In talking exclusively to Dr. Brian Cole, who serves as team physician for the Chicago Bulls & Chicago White Sox, and Conrad Louis, who is certified by the National Council on Strength & Fitness, it becomes clear that many factors are at play when it comes to gaining and then maintaining results.

Both of these respected health and fitness experts recently participated in Optimum Nutrition’s ‘Better Than Before program,’ a free week of live streaming events, held at a time when concern for America’s health has never been greater. The online series attempted to address a number of issues around working out, taking care of injuries, and how to stay consistent with your training regime. With all this in mind, Muscle & Fitness sat down with both men to create a valuable roadmap of 9 ways you can power through the good and bad days to become an undefeated gym champion.

ON’s Better Than Before campaign covered various important aspects of mental and physical health. You can access the entire week of free streaming events on their YouTube Channel.

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