9 Fun Ways To Celebrate Halloween Responsibly During Covid-19

Every community and area has been hit differently by COVID-19. If you live in a neighborhood that you trust your neighbors to be responsible, respectful, and safe, small-scale trick-or-treating isn’t out of the question if you live in a low-risk area. 

“I would say we are doing something low key. We are going to one specific neighborhood that has a COVID-safe plan (think: space wide and numbers low) with specific people who are taking pandemic seriously—plus, everyone in masks. I am trying to balance being safe and also giving kids something to look forward to in a time when we have taken away so much of what kids find fun,” says mbg contributor Caroline McGuire, M.Ed. 

She also notes that you can turn it into a learning opportunity for kids on self accountability. “My 6-year-old son, and so he is happy with only a few houses and then to come home and watch the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. My daughter is a tween and she is going to a few houses with two girls. I have aligned with the girls mothers and they will be in masks,” she says. “Some of this is also an opportunity to talk about choices. Ask them: What do you do when someone is making unsafe choices? And come up with a game plan.”

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