9 Common Lip Shapes & How To Enhance Each With Makeup

Everyone’s lips are unique: Each set of lips has a pattern of grooves and wrinkles that’s entirely your own—as well as lip shapes and sizes. Everyone’s particular shape is stunning in its own way, and there’s no one form that’s more desirable than another—it’s simply what makes you you. And while there are a few common characteristics experts have identified over the years (nine, to be exact), people often have a blend of two or three shapes; you can, for example, have a set of full, round lips or a thin, heart-shaped pout. (In the same way that people often have multiple curl patterns—not just one.) We emphasize: Everyone’s lips are unique!

So before scouring this lip shapes guide, keep in mind it’s less about changing your distinct form and more about determining which shape you have. From there, you can learn common makeup artist’s tips to accentuate each shape with products (or if you’re looking for general lip care tips, meander on over here).

Enough chat—find nine of the common lip shapes below. 

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